Supported cameras

Eagle Eye CameraManager has special support for CloudCams, a selection of Panasonic and Dahua cameras which are optimized for cloud-based video surveillance. The benefits of the Cloudcam are "Plug & Play" auto-connect, hardened security and well-integrated within Eagle Eye CameraManager.

The following second generation Cloudcam models are currently actively being sold:

Type Cube Dome Bullet Wi-Fi Dome
Name Panasonic SC-EP*** Panasonic SC-EF*** Panasonic SC-EW*** DahuaIPC-HDBW1120EP-W
Video quality 1080p 1080p 1080p 720p


 image6.png  image4.jpg IPC-HDBW1120E-W1__1_.png 


The first generation of CloudCams have the following model names. These models are still supported but no longer available.


Type Cube Dome Bullet
Name Panasonic K-EP*** Panasonic K-EF*** Panasonic K-EW***
Video quality 720p 720p 720p


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