* Can I add my camera using Onvif?


With Eagle Eye CameraManager you are able to add Onvif profile S supported cameras**. Onvif profile S is an industry standard to communicate with IP cameras. For cameras added via Onvif we provide basic support for: 

  • Live video (up to 1080p)
  • Recorded video (up to 1080p)
  • Changing recording settings

How to add an Onvif camera?

  1. Ensure you configured a port forward for your camera so the Eagle Eye CameraManager Cloud can reach the camera. This should be done in your router/firewall.
  2. Start the CameraManager desktop client.
  3. On dashboard, click on "Add new camera":
  4. Click on "I can't find my camera" 

  5. Enter the local IP and Port. Click "Next" to proceed.
  6. Enter the Global IP and Port. Click "Next" to proceed.
  7. Select the brand "Onvif" and type "Onvif", this will tell the system to add the camera using Onvif. Click "Next" to proceed
  8. Enter the camera username and password, make sure you configured a strong password on the camera. 
  9. Click next to finish adding the camera, there are 3 possible outcomes: 
    1. If the camera is added successfully aded you will get a success message. 
    2. If the Eagle Eye CameraManager cloud cannot reach the camera it will give a "Error while adding your camera" message. Check if you camera is properly connected to your network". Verify if you entered the correct IP addresses and ports to the system. Alse make sure the port forwarding in the router is correctly configured.
    3. If the camera does not support Onvif the system will raise an error stating the camera is incompatible. There are a lot of cameras with broken Onvif support. Eagle Eye CameraManager verifies the Onvif support before adding it. If the Camera's Onvif support is incomplete or contains broken the system will show this error as well. 

Panasonic iPro tips&tricks

The following Panasonic iPro models are tested using Onvif:

  • WV-S2531LN
  • WV-S2131
  • WV-S1131

Before installation, make sure you make the following configuration changes

  • For each stream set the encoding codec to h.264. Default is h.265 and CameraManager is not compatible with h.265 yet
  • Change the password in the camera interface. Without changing the password the camera cannot be added.

** Even though Onvif Profile S is an industry standard it could be that your camera is not compatible to work with Eagle Eye CameraManager. The only way to determine is to add it to our application, the camera wizard will tell you if it's possible to add it to our platform. Under no circumstances do we guarantee that all Onvif Profile S cameras are supported by our platform. 

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