How do I install a CloudCam?

The Cameramanager CloudCam (e.g. Panasonic K-EP104***) can be added by following below steps.

1. Connect the camera to your router & the power supply
Connect the camera to your router by plugging one end of the supplied Ethernet cable into the LAN / Ethernet port on your router and the other end into the LAN / Ethernet port on the camera. Connect the camera to the power supply by using the included adapter. The power-light on the camera will turn green immediately. After a few minutes the net-light will turn red.

2. Install the application
On your computer go to Download and open the installation program for Windows, Mac or Linux. After opening the installation program, click ‘Run’ when prompted a security warning and follow the onscreen instructions.

Alternatively, you can use the online Java application by clicking on "Start"

3. Start the application
For Windows: click on the Start Menu, followed by ‘All Programs’ and select the folder ‘CameraManager’ and the program ‘CameraManager’. For Mac: go to ‘Programs’ and open ‘CameraManager’. Once opened, fill in your login details that you have received from CameraManager. Click on ‘Login’.

4. Adding a camera to the application
After starting the application you are in the main screen. The installation wizard to add a new camera will open automatically when adding your first camera. Click ‘Add new camera’ in the bottom left if the wizard does not start automatically. Start the wizard by clicking on ‘Start wizard’. Add your camera by clicking on ‘auto-connect’. After installing go to the next page of the wizard, give the camera a name and go to the next step.

5. Adding a camera to a WiFi network
If required, you can add the camera to a WiFi network. Skip this step if you are using a wired connection. Click in the installation wizard on ‘Set-up WiFi connection’ and fill in the name of your WiFi network (SSID), the communication mode, the encryption type and password. Click on ‘Save’. Remove the LAN / Ethernet cable from the camera and router when the installation wizard says so. The camera will automatically switch to the wireless connection.

Note: if the SSID or password is entered incorrectly, the camera light will not turn green, one minute after removal of the LAN / Ethernet cable. When this happens, disconnect the camera from the power supply. Reconnect the camera with the LAN / Ethernet cable and power supply and fill in the details for WiFi again.

6. Download CameraManager apps for smartphone and tablet
Use CameraManager on your smartphone and tablet to manage your cameras and view your footage on the go. Download the apps in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Visit if you have any questions regarding the installation of the camera and the use of the CameraManager application.

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