How can I change the language of the application?

Using the installed computer application or the online Java application:

1) Go to At the top-right corner, click on ‘Log in to My CameraManager’. Fill in your log-in details and click the Start button.

2) In the dashboard click on 'Account Settings' to open your personal details and settings.

3) Select in the dropdown menu at ‘Language’ in which language you want to use the application. Click ‘Update’.

4) Go back to ‘Your Dashboard’ and start the application. The application is now shown in the chosen language.

Using the app on a smartphone or tablet:

Mobile apps automatically open in the language that the operating system on a smartphone or tablet is set to. To change the language of the CameraManager app on a smartphone or tablet, you need to change the language of your operating system

Note: We are constantly improving our app and adding new languages. If the language of your choice is not supported, the app will be shown in English.



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