* The ‘Port checker’ shows up while opening the application on my Mac computer.

The port checker is shown when the client application is unable to start. This can have several causes. Follow the steps below in order to solve this probllem.

  1. Test the version of Java you have to make sure it is the latest.

  2. Make sure there are no firewalls disabling the application to work. Click on the Apple menu from your toolbar. Select System Preferences. Choose View, then select Security when the System Preferences window appears on your screen. Click on the Firewall tab. Select the Stop button to disable your firewall. "Firewall Off" will now be displayed above the button.

  3. Call your network engineer to unblock the connection between the platform and the client application.
  4. Make sure there is no proxy used by the PC that does not allow the traffic between the computer and the client application. Click the Apple logo. Select the Netwerk tab and click Advanced. Open the Proxies tab. Uncheck all the boxes and click OK.


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