Release notes 14.3

With the 14.3 released, Panasonic Cameramanager launched CLVR and the Cameramanager Cloud Camera. CLVR, pronounced 'clever' is world's first affordable, on-demand and zero-config cloud-based video analytics service. Available with the Cameramanager Cloud Camera, CLVR helps businesses to optimize their video surveillance with intelligent alarming and storage via the cloud.

Next to CLVR and the Cameramanager Cloud Camera, the 14.3 release also included bug fixes and an improved and more stable version of the installer.

Read the full release notes below.


Cameramanager Cloud Camera

Camera specifications

  • Resolution up to HD720P (depending on subscription taken)
  • horizontal 88° lens and vertical 46° lens
  • Wide dynamic range
  • True day/night (0 lux at IR LED on)
  • One-way audio - listening
  • SD card support for: SDHC
    • enable
    • scheduling
    • playback
    • monitor
  • 12 V DC
  • H.264 support
  • Image sensor 1/3 type MOS
  • G.711 audio codec
  • PIR sensor
  • Wi-Fi IEEE802.11b/g/n
  • LAN Port RJ-45


New Cameramanager features available with the Cameramanager Cloud Camera

  • CLVR, see below a full explenation of motion detection based on CLVR
  • Bitrate control


Motion, sound and PIR detection on the Cameramanager Cloud Camera

The Cameramanager Cloud Camera supports motion (via CLVR), sound and PIR detection. The manner in which the camera detects, depends on the detection areas and sensitivities that are used.

To set the detection areas and sensitivities, go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Cameras
  3. Your Cameramanager Cloud Camera
  4. Detection Settings


Motion Detection 

With the Cameramanager Cloud Camera we’ve introduced a new type of motion area, the motion grid. After adding a new camera, the entire camera image will be set as a motion area. Motion areas are shown in green, such as illustrated in figure 1

Figure 1: a motion area over the entire camera image

You can make changes to this motion area by moving your mouse over the camera image (a grid will appear) and start clicking or dragging the cells to toggle them:


Figure 2: toggle cells to change a motion area


You can also set the sensitivity of the selected area with the drop-down menu underneath the motion area:


A higher value means that the individual pixels will be more sensitive to motion of the image.

Minimum amount of movement

A higher value here means that the area will sooner been seen as having motion, based on the amount of pixels that have registered motion.


Multiple motion areas

You can add multiple motion areas, to a camera image. Click on ‘add new motion area’ and move your mouse over the camera image (a grid will appear) and start clicking or dragging the cells to toggle them:

Figure 3: multiple motion areas in one camera image


Infrared detection

Infrared detection will work similarly to other cameras.


Sound detection

Sound detection will work similarly to other cameras.



CLVR is a cloud-based and real-time object detection feature in the Cameramanager application. It uses a form of motion detection which significantly increases the proportion of relevant notifications a user will receive, by only sending alerts when a human or object is detected. For example, when a customer enters a store or when a car enters a car park. With CLVR a user doesn’t receive irrelevant notifications.


The current version of CLVR introduces single frame analysis for detecting objects in an area of interest. This means that every time the camera detects motion, the image is analyzed. CLVR is only available with a Business and Professional plan


CLVR settings

Using CLVR is as simple as drawing an area where CLVR needs to detect and scheduling when CLVR needs to detect. An example of the CLVR configuration screen can be found in figure 4.


Figure 4. The CLVR configuration screen.


When CLVR detects motion, it is marked as a ‘CLVR event’ in the ‘Footage’ menu. In the bottom-right corner select ‘CLVR events’, to only see the motion detection done with CLVR.

 Figure 5. Relevant events can be found when viewing your footage. This make searching the video easy and quick.


When CLVR detects motion, it immediately sends an email with a snapshot of what has been detected. An example email can be found in figure 6.

Figure 6. Example of an image sent by CLVR.



Improved and more stable version of the installer


Bit rate control

With the bit rate control you can easily restrict the amount of bandwidth used by any of your cameras. If you have many devices on your network, or you simply do not have a lot of bandwidth to begin with, you can restrict your camera bandwidth between ⅛ and 2 Mb/s. You can find the bandwidth control in your footage settings of the camera settings in the application.


Bug Fixes

  • Live view resolutions should go from small to large
  • AxisCamera.checkOk actual check in comments
  • Bitcap in client doesn't match what is configured on the camera
  • Recording profile uses quality 5 instead of 2
  • Live view fails for 25 fps
  • Saving live view settings doesn't work
  • LoginSettings.getIntallPath uses the wrong path
  • Recording iframe interval is every 5 sec 1 keyframe instead of every 3 sec
  • Switching to mjpeg fails for live and rec stream
  • Live view fps goes to 30 fps, while the camera supports up to 25
  • Recording preview opens 2nd stream
  • last row of first cloud motion grid does not get saved
  • Direct event connection not working
  • Cannot add local exception
  • SD recording P5512
  • EVG - Axis M3024-L can not be record on SD
  • Saving when no motion grids are present fails
  • Motion Grid changes dimensions when deleting all areas and adding a new one
  • Motion grid is no longer shown when removing one and adding another
  • Fwd: improve dialog
  • user password's validator uses camera's validator
  • Group can't be added
  • 'Open location' button disapears when hovering over or clicking
  • ClassCastException in exporting different encodings
  • Event engine status can be requested by any user
  • Axis camera gives error when opening footage settings
  • Illegal camera function access
  • CACHE_USERS cannot enable or disable for some servers
  • Camera status tooltip wrong
  • After adding pnp DVR uses global url
  • Live view button disappears when you mouse over
  • camera list mouseover message arrow is offcenter
  • PAN-PSN[11] cloud - Unsupported cloud functions
  • PAN-PSN[12] cloud - Wifi and Detections settings errors
  • PAN-PSN[13] cloud - Cannot change password in wizard
  • PAN-PSN[14] - cloud - Camera name cannot be changed
  • PAN-PSN[15,16] - cloud - Cannot set edge storage
  • PAN-PSN[17] - cloud - Cannot save wireless settings
  • background of warning message of camera installer password field disappears
  • in camera installer, "no camera found" text mentioned is not identical
  • Unreadable text
  • NPE white trying to play local footage
  • Repaint issue.
  • Better management of error message for add new subuser action
  • Logs overview querry result is always empty
  • Repaint problem after adding a location
  • manually adding cloud camera can lock up completely
  • layout general settings for pnp camera messed up a bit
  • Group name text area is ridiculous small
  • cloud default password has changed
  • Unable to add Axis M1011 as PFwith non standard credentials already set
  • MacOSX - Application fails to add cloud cam as PnP
  • border around error message of failed settings panel shouldnt be visible
  • autosave is triggered in live view settings when adding cloud pnp camera
  • "open all cameras in location" button disappears
  • MacOSX - Application fails to show cloud live view after completed the PNP wizard
  • bandwidth slider loads halfway between values
  • MacOSX - Application fails for cloud cam to add a MD area
  • MacOSX - cloud cam is losing connection when trying to change MD settings
  • when setting pnp cloud wireless network settings over pnp, a warning is shown
  • when you navigate to cloud camera footage settings, an exception is thrown
  • After camera added audio(siren) alarm is enabled
  • cloud camera does not show PIR detection settings and schedule
  • MacOSX - Application fails for cloud cam when delete all the MD areas
  • cloud exception when saving audio detection
  • cloud cam doesn't record
  • cloud - strange MotionAreas created
  • cloud 2 motion areas have the same color
  • No SD option in application for cloud cam
  • "Open location" icon is gone when mouse cursor is on icon area
  • Labels in camera tooltip
  • White title bar in camera preview panel should be a bit higher
  • NPE on adding new IP address in local exceptions
  • Adjust streaming profile update
  • cloud cam connection refused when changing the live/rec settings from MJPEG to H264
  • exceptions when opening general camera settings
  • PIR settings only show 'off' and 'high sensitivity' options
  • cloud audio and pir activity graphs should be hidden
  • Export fails due to ClassCastException
  • Text does not fit on low diagonal screens
  • MacOSX - Application freezing after click oncloud cam Wireless Settings
  • Application shows error when saving the schedule for SD recording cloud
  • No recordings cloud shown in footage after selected schedule for SD recording
  • Error when changing the resolution for live view at cloud cam
  • Inconsistent resolution/fps/video mode data in Recording settings panel
  • "trouble logging in" screen does not open in installer login panel
  • No title in a dialog when deleting users
  • Live view resolution is not loaded
  • When selecting location cameras inside it are not selected
  • Add new camera button does not fit the list width
  • Preview in recording settings will not load
  • client becomes completely unresponsive sometimes because of hidden dialog
  • Camera reconnects when adjusting audio in live view
  • Dragged camera item looks bad
  • When disabling framerate/bandwith the numbers are hidden, but not the text
  • storage selector in camera installation wizard has no loading dialog
  • audio button doesnt become blue on toggle/mouseover
  • camera zoom in/out will freeze up parts of gui
  • when deleting pnp camera, warning is shown about facory reset
  • LSU cannot be found in new release
  • save the footage settings panel before storage has loaded gives nullpointer and doesnt save
  • Step 6 Global test of LSU won't go further due errors in port tests
  • Rollover of clvr drawing tools is white
  • Have to save twice to change name
  • Motion is not enabled when CLVR is scheduled
  • Exporting does not work
  • CameraRecordingSettings.fillRecordings changes camera in model
  • Group link not visible
  • Button backgrounds are missing
  • Cannot open camera settings
  • Context menu out of place
  • Missing language keys
  • Control service fixes
  • Activating sound recording does not work
  • Audio is not working
  • Cannot add camera to LSU from wizard
  • Setting camera to unsupported audio format will turn off audio for camera
  • Live view popup is truncated
  • NPE in Footage tab freezes gui
  • NPE in IO button
  • I cannot put a default user/pass to Panasonic camera
  • Application does not remember opened cameras
  • Cannot edit schedule of LSU camera
  • recording notification does not update
  • [Linux] Camera recovery dialog doesnt block UI
  • NPE in audio button
  • Drag a video server in live view issue
  • Scroll on open combobox moves it in the window
  • String issue
  • Opening local footage gives nullpointer
  • For some cloud cameras we are unable to load the rec settings panel
  • password panel becomes wider and wider when alt-tabbing
  • improve storage dialog in camerwizard for servercamera / merge camera and server adjustment panels
  • Wizard hangs while fully manually adding camera
  • when deleting a video server channel, popup dialog becomes separate frame
  • Adding as WiFi does not work
  • BL-VT164W - Client shows message saving the wireless settings, but cam is already added as WIFI
  • for axis 360 cam, context buttons do not hide in multiview
  • Proxied camera related calls return timeout error
  • Manually added strings for user messages
  • mousing over text validation exclamation mark makes client hang
  • Client crashes due to EDT violation in CameraSettings
  • cloud infrared option is not saved
  • language key general issue
  • subuser with no sequence add right can see add new sequence
  • cloud cam connects not to WIFI in NL language, only in EN language
  • new location button visible when no rights
  • Cannot update LSU settings
  • add user button visible when no add rights are granted
  • add group link visible when user have no cameragroup add right
  • Live view resolutions go up to 640x360
  • Create workaround for cloud wifi error when enabling wifi
  • Cannot reset LSU
  • Ipro camera has no areas - 5 minutes after add



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