How do I work with the Logs & Statistics screen?

Logs and statistics

This article is about the logs and statistics in the Cameramanager application. Here, we will explain how you can find out who logged in to your account, at what time exactly and what they did. It will also encompass all storage info required for having a clear overview of your memory management.

Step 1: Go to 'Settings'

Step 2: Click 'Logs & Stats'

Now, there are two options: 'Storage overview' and 'Logs overview'. These options will be explained below

Storage overview

The storage overview, as the name suggests, is used to gain insight into your storage capacity and memory use.

First, you can select the server you want to see in the storage overview pie chart. This pie chart displays the total storage capacity your account has on that specific server and then shows how the memory is used at the moment of consultation. If it turns out your memory is (almost) full very frequently, you can always get in contact with our sales department. They will then help you get a plan that fits your exact needs a lot better.

Logs overview

The logs overview is all about the events that happened in your account. Everything that happens to your account is registered, or 'logged'. If you are curious if someone else did something with your account, or if you are interested for any other reason, this is where you can see what happened.

We wanted to make a clear overview. Since you will probably not be interested in all the information at the same time, we implemented a feature that lets you filter events by category. In the screenshot above, there are three options: 'Configuration changes', 'Login information' and 'Footage information'. These are quite self-explanatory: 'Configuration changes' are all kinds of changes in settings you made through the client or on of the other apps. This could, for example, be adding a camera, but also events like turning motion detection on or off will be listed here. 'Login information' is about who and when logged in and out, and 'Footage information' covers all information about the footage, including who played footage of what camera at a specific time, who deleted footage, etc.

Then, after configuring the preferred category, you have to select a start and an end time. All events that meet the criteria you selected before and are between these start and end times will eventually be displayed.

If you made your selection, you won't immediately see the search results. To see the results, press the 'Query' button.

If you are interested in using the displayed logs anywhere outside of the Cameramanager client, click the 'Export' button on the bottom of the screen. You can then export your search results in a so-called Comma-Separated Values file (.csv file). This file type is widely used and can, for example, be imported into Microsoft Excel.

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