The Cameramanager application can’t find my camera.

The message saying that the application can’t find your camera means that the camera is offline. In order to solve this problem, follow the steps below.

1.     Check if  the power supply is attached and if the supplied ethernet cable is properly connected. If not, please go to the second step.

2.     Reconnect the camera to the router by attaching the power supply. Add the camera to your account by clicking on the button Add new camera at the bottom left corner. A pop-up window appears. Click on the auto-connect button to connect with the detected camera. If this isn’t solving the problem, go to step 3.

3.     The settings of the camera may be incorrect. Make sure that your camera is connected to your network. Press and hold the reset button on the camera for 6 seconds. Wait until the camera live view is available again.

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