Release notes 14.3.1

This release (date 8 July 2014) was aimed at minor bug fixing and small improvements.


CM-5905 Bug Local playback does no longer work 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5997 Bug Could not register camera 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-6021 Bug Motion detection is disabled on Cameramanager go! 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-6028 Improvement Separate frame drop fix from module from white label partner 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5777 Bug opening CLVR settings in camera wizard blanks out part gui 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5924 Bug Unable to delete DVR channels 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5952 Bug Exporting footage fails for all nonEnglish users 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5982 Bug pnp blvt164w ptz controls do not work 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5525 Bug [Linux] Client crashes when trying to see feed from BL-VP104 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5536 Bug Time zone 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5788 Bug Some text fields have fixed width 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5884 Bug Adding camera to LSU from the wizard gives no error in client, but errors in logfile 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5903 Bug Cameramanager go! camera password not changable from custom pwd to other custom pwd 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5885 Bug Saving the LSU after change the name (as example) will not finish 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5919 Bug playing local footage does not work 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5908 Bug when adding location with country, has to save twice 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5910 Bug BL-C210 doesn't record 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5938 Bug adding camera twice to sequences and removing one removes both 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5930 Bug camera delete link button visible with no rights 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5929 Bug LSU only 340x240 resolution is supported 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5936 Bug LSU reset problem 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5923 Bug Audio and Pir detection do not work 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5949 Bug Footage preview settings takes forever to load 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5975 Bug Settings / FTPSettings panel should be available for ic 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5973 Bug Start rec notifiers do not arrive on client 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5974 Bug Bs cell renderer does not mark always the recordings 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5979 Bug Ipro camera has rec:mjpeg 320x240 by default 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-6027 Bug white label partner's client does not launch 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5989 Bug demo user warning dialog becomes separate jframe 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5991 Bug Warning dialog for demo user is under the frame 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5790 Bug start of animation of progress dialog looks a bit glitchy 14.3.1 Suspended
CM-4227 Improvement Add 2nd password field in new password page of camera installation 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5751 Bug Strange truncates in text for PL language 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5755 Bug Slide button and long labels 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5792 Bug when deleting hikvision camera server cameras, cameras are not deleted 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5896 Bug Save sequences + Cancell changes remove saved data 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5920 Bug After DVR was deleted "Camera settings updated" message is shown 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5928 Bug clone camera possibility without rights 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5940 Bug Axis M3007 defines a max of 10 MD areas. In client only 8 can be saved 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5962 Bug local exceptions duplicate when saving in demomode 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5748 Bug skin SoundAdjustmentPanel tooltip 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5752 Bug Items for locations and cameras have different heights in camera list 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5912 Bug in some languages the live settings dropdown boxes look glitchy 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5544 New Feature Remove unused edge recorders 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5554 New Feature Client changes 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5559 New Feature Replace motion markers with motion events 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5555 New Feature Show static RC schedule for SD 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5556 New Feature Remove caching of SD schedule 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5557 New Feature Remove saving of SD schedule 14.3.1 Fixed
CM-5672 Bug When deleting a camera, and adding a new one, the old one is loaded 14.3.1 Fixed
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