Cameramanager subnets

Cameramanager uses the following subnets:

  • subnet 1
  • subnet 2
  • subnet 3
  • subnet 4
  • subnet 5
  • subnet 6 
  • subnet 7
  • subnet 8 

If in any way you are having network related issues, please make sure in advance that your firewall is allowing state-full traffic in/from our network by white listing our network. Our network is for example ''

Please use the fully qualified domain name or fqdn that we provide, instead of the IP address. Our IP address changes now and then. Using the IP address might result in a non-working Cameramanager platform on your location. 

Cameramanager reserves the right to expand this set of subnets at all times. Cameramanager reserves the right to switch servers and or services between IP addresses at all times. For this reason, we advice to bind any address and or service directly to a fully qualified domain name or fqdn if provided, instead of directly linking to an IP address.

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