Release notes 14.3.2

This release (date 11 July 2014) was aimed at minor bug fixing and small improvements.

CM-6002 Bug Can't open recordings due to concurrent error 14.3.2 Fixed
CM-6096 Bug Camera icon and recording bar not updated 14.3.2 Fixed
PCS-7 Bug Testing in "General settings" fails. 14.3.2 Fixed
CMAND-446 Bug Error on adding camera on Android 14.3.2 Fixed
CM-6041 Bug digital ptz is not working 14.3.2 Fixed
CM-6077 Bug Loging out doesn't remove your session from DB 14.3.2 Fixed
CM-6023 Bug Setting PnP camera password in adjust camera panel does not change password in client cache 14.3.2 Fixed
CM-6038 Bug User gets port checker all the time 14.3.2 Fixed
CM-6037 Bug subuser cannot sniff cameras 14.3.2 Fixed
CM-5745 Bug preview panel in general settings breaks when switching tabs 14.3.2 Fixed
CM-5916 Bug Getting exception before succeeding in adding camera on wifi 14.3.2 Fixed
CM-5948 Bug Repaint issue - reopened bug 14.3.2 Fixed
CM-6018 Bug Context menu options for last cameras gets grayed out 14.3.2 Fixed
CM-6031 Bug Prevent other Cameramanager go! models from being added 14.3.2 Fixed
CM-6033 Bug When the offices from a white label partner try to start a record session, the start button doesn't work. 14.3.2 Fixed
CM-6035 Bug Cameramanager go! PIR and audio detection are not implemented on recording server 14.3.2 Fixed
CM-6095 Bug Camera icon not updated on SD recording 14.3.2 Duplicate
CM-5893 Bug username and password field shrink when typing 14.3.2 Fixed
CM-5941 Bug password text field's width grows unexpectedly 14.3.2 Fixed
CM-6026 Bug Last element in the list for groups has strange space at the bottom 14.3.2 Fixed
CM-3148 New Feature Set WiFi settings in wizard 14.3.2 Fixed
CM-3095 Bug Live view fps goes to 30 fps, while the camera supports up to 25 14.3.2 Fixed
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