Release notes 14.3.7

This release (date 26 August 2014) was aimed at minor bug fixing and small improvements.


CM-6315 Bug Portal API call fails: modifyAccountTypeGroup 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-6057 Bug After switching cloud cam to wifi, a client restart is needed before we can access the camera 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-5668 Bug Audio button is not available in the live view when Cameramanager go! is connect as PNP 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-6318 Bug NPE when switching from Cloud recording to SD and back fro Cloud camera 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-6309 Bug AWTs in loading recording settings panel 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-6317 Bug Save/Discard changes popup shown when no changes were made 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-6220 Bug User has reached max cams nr for video server - improved management 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-3680 Bug Non deterministic NPE in popup 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-4114 Improvement Update installer 14.3.7 Fixed
PCS-38 Improvement Setting server info to the camera when deleting. 14.3.7 Fixed
GO-381 Bug Settings: Sequence – It is not clear how to select a sequence 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-6280 Bug Camera list for user rights is not updated 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-6267 Bug Footage panel: recording's checkboxes don't work properly 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-6291 Bug Context buttons for the live view panel 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-6277 New Feature Motion emails from Panasonic Go cameras should have a CLVR upscale message 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-6336 Bug Event engine goes into a insert / retract cooldown loop 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-6331 Improvement Control service should send analytics server's internal ip and port 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-6174 Bug Cannot load schedule on beta 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-6282 Bug SerializedEventMetadataWriterTest testWriteEvents 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-6322 Bug Cannot add video server 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-5978 Bug Clvr tracker doesn't handle closed connection correctly 14.3.7 Fixed
DA-11 New Feature What are the 888888 and 666666 users? 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-6332 Bug MDConfigurationSerializerTest.testToXmlMultipleParameterizedGrids fails. 14.3.7 Fixed
CM-6275 Improvement CLVR emails should show 4 extra snapshots of the event 14.3.7 Fixed
GO-386 Bug adding bl-vt164w will not fill in video codec 14.3.7 Fixed
GO-379 Bug Export file: Need to “Select location” to enter file name; While “File” name is ignored 14.3.7 Fixed
GO-382 Bug Overlay problem on error 14.3.7 Fixed
GO-387 Bug clicking liveview camera in list multiple times will make shadow darker 14.3.7 Fixed
GO-409 Bug When adding panasonic camera, footage settings panel will want to save without changes 14.3.7 Fixed
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