Release notes 14.3.3

This release (date 22 July 2014) was aimed at minor bug fixing and small improvements.


PCS-11 Bug FullScreen function in pull down menu stop the image 14.3.3 Fixed
CM-6054 Bug Add camera manual doesn't work 14.3.3 Fixed
PCS-24 Bug "Footage resolution" issues 14.3.3 Fixed
PCS-25 Bug Deleting the record data in Footage window don't work. 14.3.3 Fixed
PCS-13 Improvement About 5 minutes or more longer time take for apperaing the cloud recording data in Footage time table. 14.3.3 Fixed
PCS-29 Bug Cannot hear the audio when playback 14.3.3 Fixed
CM-6088 Bug wifi password gives shows password invalid after panel reload 14.3.3 Fixed
CM-6103 Bug Mallformed preview in wizard 14.3.3 Fixed
CM-6094 Improvement Set cloud cam default to continuous recording 14.3.3 Fixed
CM-6104 Bug Mallformed preview in settings 14.3.3 Fixed
PCS-9 New Feature SSL communication 14.3.3 Fixed
PCS-35 New Feature Setting camera name in "Camera set up successfully" window sometimes fails. 14.3.3 Fixed
CM-6059 Bug Exporting footage MAC 14.3.3 Fixed
CM-6065 Bug Portal issue, reactivating accounts 14.3.3 Fixed
CM-6113 Bug if camera replies error 500 on pnp connection the server closes the connection 14.3.3 Fixed
CM-6105 Bug Singapore server doesn't show events 14.3.3 Fixed
CM-6112 Bug Calling getSnapshot from SharedCameraConnection on API service doesn't work 14.3.3 Fixed
PCS-5 Bug Sometimes, saving settings in "General settings" fails. 14.3.3 Fixed
CM-6058 Bug Changing tabs with clvr settings open in motion settings will break previewpanel 14.3.3 Fixed
PCS-23 Bug Cannot set "Frame per second" to more than 25 about "Frame per second" on Live view and Footage 14.3.3 Fixed
CM-5998 Bug Clvr move events from rec to to delete table blocks 14.3.3 Fixed
CM-6081 Improvement Handle Cameramanager go! ip change during wizard 14.3.3 Fixed
CM-6131 New Feature Export edge recordings 14.3.3 Fixed
CM-3243 New Feature Simple mjpeg stream 14.3.3 Fixed
CM-3164 New Feature configure mjpeg live stream 14.3.3 Fixed
CM-3138 New Feature configure h264 live stream 14.3.3 Fixed
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