Release notes 14.3.4

This release (date 5 August 2014) was aimed at minor bug fixing and small improvements.

CM-6102 Bug No event markers are shown 14.3.4 Fixed
CM-6118 New Feature Delete edge recordings 14.3.4 Won't Fix
PCS-37 Bug Cannot record on the cloud in special cases 14.3.4 Fixed
CM-6101 Bug Audio does not work after adding the camera 14.3.4 Fixed
CM-6135 Bug "Footage resolution" issues 14.3.4 Fixed
CM-6171 New Feature Check email availability 14.3.4 Fixed
CM-6216 Bug Cannot get video from Cameramanager go! camera 14.3.4 Fixed
CM-6061 Bug Improper return code from LSU 14.3.4 Fixed
CM-6040 Bug Installer downloads main Jar twice 14.3.4 Cannot Reproduce
CM-6202 Bug Axis PnP is not working anymore 14.3.4 Fixed
CM-6224 Bug Timeout while getting edge recordings 14.3.4 Fixed
CM-3292 Story Motion detection in GUI 14.3.4 Fixed
CM-3304 Story Motion detection 14.3.4 Fixed
CM-4082 Task Run analytics on same server as video server 14.3.4 Fixed
CM-3092 Bug Switching to mjpeg fails for live and rec stream 14.3.4 Fixed
DA-106 Bug Cannot configure SD recording 14.3.4 Fixed
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