Release notes 14.3.5

This release (date 19 August 2014) was aimed at minor bug fixing and small improvements.


CM-6239 Bug Motion graph no longer visible 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6204 Bug requestPasswordReset not accessible through indexer 14.3.5 No change required
CM-6167 New Feature Enable audio on Go! camera 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6140 Bug User settings and Logs overview are not working for a white label partner 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6107 Bug Wrong displayed footage time on the slider bar 14.3.5 Cannot Reproduce
CM-6019 Bug Application hangs after camera recovery 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-5767 Bug Checks for MJPEGFrame are incomplete 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-5705 Bug Problems with passwords characters of Cameramanager go! 14.3.5 Cannot Reproduce
CM-6246 Bug demo user can save preferences 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6242 Bug Edge playback issue 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6225 Bug Deleted camera still has panel's feed in live view 14.3.5 Cannot Reproduce
CM-6227 Bug NPE in play local footage 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6212 Bug Recording timeline shows PIR / audio events while PIR/audio detection schedule is off 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6196 Improvement improve directory structure of jar installer 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6170 Bug improve messaging in wifi settings 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6166 Bug Export footage fails to compleet 14.3.5 Cannot Reproduce
CM-6151 Bug LSU Can not load the recording 14.3.5 No change required
CM-6141 Bug NPE while opening the Settings camera 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6136 Bug Camera deleter issue 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6134 Bug Can't open local recording 14.3.5 Duplicate
CM-6086 Bug WV-SW355 motion detection 14.3.5 No change required
CM-6070 Bug Preview panel disappears after save action 14.3.5 Cannot Reproduce
CM-6022 Bug Clvr tracker logs to console 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6009 Bug Codex exported footage 14.3.5 No change required
CM-6008 Bug Frames, export footage 14.3.5 Cannot Reproduce
CM-5933 Bug awt violation on opening footage panel 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-5932 Bug wizard does not show cameras in subuser client 14.3.5 Duplicate
CM-5922 Bug after DVR is added manually first few seconds it shown as offline 14.3.5 Cannot Reproduce
CM-5918 Bug different unplug message 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-5902 Bug Footage panel - drag of the blue flag does not remember new position 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-5894 Bug Cameramanager go! camera's audio is lower than other cameras 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-5897 Bug Block user check should not be present for the superuser 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-5707 Bug CLVR dection panel takes very long time to load 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6051 Improvement Small improvements 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6243 Bug Update GO camera edge playback controller 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6269 Bug Demo mode dialog appears at the back 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6250 Bug demo user does not see "clone camera" link button 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6237 New Feature Enable back light control for Cameramanager go! 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6208 Bug NPE on exiting from full screen 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6201 Bug Error message shows camera name 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6189 Bug CM app Linux Probleem 14.3.5 Cannot Reproduce
CM-6150 Bug Creating new account white label partner 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6142 Bug Settings Camera List sometimes does not load 14.3.5 No change required
CM-6097 Bug No need for local recording user right 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6025 Bug NPE in event service 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6017 Bug Bottom cams right click issue 14.3.5 Cannot Reproduce
CM-5992 Bug when save fails of local exceptions or general camera settings, multiple warnings dialogs pop up 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-5956 Bug Wizard hangs while adding camera manually 14.3.5 Cannot Reproduce
CM-5914 Improvement Mac CMD / CTRL 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-5886 Bug Revert attempt has failed for LSU 14.3.5 No change required
CM-5789 Bug No password set for when adding Cameramanager go! camera 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-5899 Bug camera installer says no cameras found on network when there is 1 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6295 Improvement Update getting of recordings on Cloud camera 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6283 Bug Motion Detection Grid settings error 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6274 New Feature Create getCamerasStatusOverview call 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6266 Bug Demo user can export footages 14.3.5 No change required
CM-6268 Bug Events should have a timeout 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6263 New Feature CLVR push notification backend 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6253 Bug Location not shown after deletion error 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6255 Bug Footage preview is not working 14.3.5 Cannot Reproduce
CM-6254 Bug Motion detection display error K-EP104LW 14.3.5 Cannot Reproduce
CM-6238 Bug Started dev account twice -> 2 different skins 14.3.5 Cannot Reproduce
CM-6236 Bug Implement Cameramanager go! playback update 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6218 Bug Language string not translated 14.3.5 No change required
CM-6180 Bug remove default values when creating new user 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6139 Bug Back/previous option towards local address sent wrongly the ip 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6106 Bug Missing string on singapore client 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6093 Bug Panasonic model list should be ordered 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6006 Bug panasonic blvt164 gives save message in live view settings with no changes 14.3.5 Cannot Reproduce
CM-5939 Bug Rights: Edge Storage Management is under Footage category 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-5514 Bug Cannot unPnp panasonic camera 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-4945 New Feature Redundancy checker 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-3787 Bug DS-2CD8153F-E-PNP supports all 3 encodings 14.3.5 Fixed
CM-6265 Bug Implement Cloud camera mobile playback 14.3.5 Fixed
GO-9 Improvement Settings – Detection: Needs naming of detection zones 14.3.5 Fixed
GO-305 Bug Installer jar deletes itself on Mac 14.3.5 Fixed
GO-16 Improvement Settings – Locations: Setting country to U.S. is difficult 14.3.5 Fixed
GO-343 Improvement Full software version is not showing 14.3.5 Fixed
GO-312 Bug Conflict is possible between CLVR and Schedule settings 14.3.5 Fixed
GO-350 Improvement Add motion area information in footage slider 14.3.5 Fixed
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