Release notes 14.4.2

This release (date 21 October 2014) was aimed at minor bug fixing and small improvements.

CM-407 Control service doesn't assign cameras to trackers Fixed
CM-371 Axis P3354 doesn't support SD card Fixed
CM-346 Current loadbalancing does not work for CLVR Fixed
CM-286 Default motion window does not show correctly Fixed
CM-281 Not possible to create Motion Area's within the LSU due a fault message Fixed
CM-268 CLVR settings not working Fixed
CM-259 Cloud camera motion areas preview camera feed not visible before saving footage settings Fixed
CM-258 If you add a cloud camera and go to the footage settings, the panel wants to autosave directly Fixed
CM-253 Unable to draw motion windows Fixed
CM-223 Users cannot play intervals which are interrupted Fixed
CM-159 Glow for a CalloutGlowPopup is not resizing well Fixed
CM-135 BL-C140 camera support PTZ presets in Java app Fixed
CM-129 slide/jpeg/stopHandler creates undestroyable handler Fixed
CM-121 Rendering of right click menu fails Fixed
CM-111 Camera PTZ is broken on PNP ipro cameras Fixed
CM-109 Events are only detected after restarting client Fixed
CM-108 Cannot set motion areas Fixed
CM-91 Translation error sd card down push Fixed
CM-78 Scrollbars in edit group dialog Fixed
CM-62 Link local doesn't work directly after adding a camera Fixed
CM-20 Incorrect data in the logfiles when showing deleted objects Fixed
CM-14 Camera displaying incorrect name in Installation Wizard Fixed
CM-2 Dialog box transparant background shows not fully Fixed



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