How to update the firmware of the Panasonic K-EP104LWE

1. Download the firmware to your desktop.

2. Open your browser

3. Enter the IP address of your camera in the address bar. You can find this by opening the Cameramanager application and pressing ‘Add new camera’. Your camera will be found as a ‘Panasonic K-EP104LW’. The IP address is displayed just before the Auto-connect button.

4. Login with username ‘admin’ and the password you set on the camera (the default password is ‘12345’)

5. When logged in, go to settings.

6. In settings go to System, upgrade.

7. Click ‘Browse...’

8. Select the firmware file on your system.

9. Press ‘Upgrade’

10. You will see a progress bar indicating the upgrade status

11. When the upgrade is complete, reset the camera by pressing reset button on the back of

the camera until the LED indicator goes off. When the LED comes back on, the upgrade

procedure is complete.

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