How can I turn off the push notifications of the Cameramanager application?

Turn off notifications for all mobile devices

To turn off notifications for all mobile devices, you need to turn off notifications in the installed computer application or the online Java application.

  • Go to ‘Settings’;

  • In the top right click on ‘Cameras’;

  • Select the camera for which you want to configure the settings for motion detection.

  • Go to ‘Scheduling and Triggering’;

  • Click with the left mouse button on the time interval at the option ‘push notification’;

  • With the mouse button pressed, drag the cursor over the time interval that you want to remove. The yellow color of the timeline will now disappear;

  • Click on ‘Save’.

Turn off notifications for a specific mobile device

If you want to turn off notifications on a specific mobile device, you need to configure the settings on the mobile device itself.

  • Open the Cameramanager app on the mobile device

  • Go the ‘Settings’;

  • Go to ‘General & notifications’;

  • At ‘How to notify you?’, click on push notification ‘off’;

  • Press ‘Save’.



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