Release notes 14.4.7

This release (date 4 November 2014) was aimed at minor bug fixing and small improvements.

Key Summary Resolution
CM-678 Delete not supported brands from the PC client Fixed
CM-622 Can not add camera because it is already added Fixed
CM-621 SD recording status is not being updated on server side Fixed
CM-559 The numbering on the timeline disappears under shadow of tooltip of footage timeline Fixed
CM-410 In logs overview panel, the end time is set to the future Fixed
CM-376 Add helpdesk login action to application logfiles Fixed
CM-244 Wrong font type in logfiles Fixed
CM-180 MyHttpExchange.sendResponseHeaders() ambiguous special parameter values. Fixed
CM-170 GlobalDatabase contains set methods Fixed
CM-166 Open login panel in same language as operating system Fixed
CM-154 HTMLConnection connect vs read timeout Fixed
CM-150 Full manual configuration in camera wizard doesnt scroll fully down Fixed
CM-149 camera list collapsed locations/groups reset when navigating back to liveview Fixed
CM-137 Saving bitrate control doesn't work on BL-C140 camera Fixed
CM-132 Getting of edge recordings can freeze the client app Fixed
CM-101 Forgot password continues with empty field Cannot Reproduce
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