How can I categorize my cameras?

The cameras can be sorted by both location and group.

1. Sorted by location.
When adding a new camera, you can assign a location to it. Locations are mostly used to sort the cameras by their geographic locations. By default, the location will be called 'No location', which is thus used for cameras that do not have another location specified. A camera can only be in one location at the same time. See question "How can I add a location to my camera?" to add a location to your camera. 

2. Sorted by group.
There can be more cameras at the same location. If you want to sort these cameras again, you can use the option to put them all in a different group. For example, if you have 10 cameras in your office, you can put 2 of them into the group ‘front door’. See question "How can I create a camera group?" to create a new camera group. 


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