How to reset an Axis camera

Resetting an Axis camera

This article will explain you how to reset your Axis camera. This can either be done by using the software or by doing it physically on the hardware.

Resetting by 'Software'
Resetting to the Factory Default Settings from the interface:

  1. Go to the interface of your camera by typing in the camera's IP address in the browser. Example:
  2. Click SetupSystem OptionsMaintenance and then click Reset.

Resetting by 'Hardware'
Resetting to the Factory Default Settings using the control button:

  1. Disconnect the power cable or PoE injector of the camera.
  2. Press and hold the 'Control' button on the camera while reapplying power.
  3. Keep the 'Control' button pressed until the 'Status' indicator color of the camera changes to amber. (This could take up to 15 seconds)
  4. Release the 'Control' button.
  5. When the 'Status' indicator changes to green (taking up to 60 seconds), the process is completed and the camera had a Factory Default Reset.
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