Release notes 14.2



  • Configure Image mode desktop
  • Adding a new 360 camera
  • Use second stream for axis
  • Adjust image(move/rotate)
  • Enable Guardtour in desktop application
  • Io ipro support
  • PIR support IPro
  • Sd card down notification in mail
  • Failover recording only for certain account groups
  • Presets for 360 cams
  • Camera capabilities depending on 360 image mode


  • Database dual getConnection fix
  • getMotionDetectionSettings fails for PanasonicNewCamera


  • Configure Wireless settings in the camera wizard



  • Problems on Mac when opening
  • No email notification does not fit
  • Login dialog has completely black background
  • Installer: Login screen not brought to front
  • Dutch version has English text
  • blvt164w pnp gives error when loading wifi panel
  • Icon missing for installer
  • Dropdown list actionListener fires when selecting item through code
  • installer exception do not wrap text
  • Motion detection settings not available for BL-VT164
  • Typos
  • Audio not working for BL-VT164




  • Configure Image mode Android
  • Enable Guardtour from Android
  • Add PnP camera on Android




  • Configure Image mode iOS
  • Enable Guardtour from iOS
  • Add PnP camera on iOS


Browser app


  • Browser client - tablet/browser interface
  • Configure image mode browser
  • Enable Guardtour from browser



  • IE Explorer 11 problems
  • Wrong icon




  • BL-C101 footage preview doesn't work
  • Cannot add locations, the application gives an error
  • Audio no longer functioning in new interface
  • NPE on footage settings panel
  • Client hangs at 38%
  • Motion Detected problem
  • Axis Camera 360 video mode is not updated for EDGE recording
  • Problem destroying decoder
  • No StartPreview button when open CameraRecordingSettings
  • Cannot update SD storage in wizard for 360 camera
  • New UI wizard - format SD possibility absent
  • New UI not possible to use unmounted storages
  • H264 export of BLVT164 produces damaged video
  • Not all the video modes are in Adjust 360 image
  • Adjust 360 image does not change video mode for Pan WV-SW458
  • Changing 360 view does not work smooth
  • Fix issues in detection settings
  • Panasonic WV-SF438 motion detection does not work and live view looks strange
  • I cannot add Axis M3007
  • Sometimes video mode is not working properly in live view
  • Axis 360 Guard tour NPE
  • Footage resolution combobox does not contain all values
  • Client won't start if the 360 camera is unavailable
  • Repaint problem
  • View mode does not work in add camera wizard
  • Unexpected error :"Cannot change a video mode for 360 cam"
  • Zoom only works for left top screen in quad view
  • [Old Client] error while saving recording settings
  • When PTZ'ing on mobile app, image does not move
  • Motion window for PnP camera on add camera
  • LSU's - The application is not showing the camera's in the multiview after clicking the favorite folder
  • Application is very slow while opening option of second screen in live viewer
  • Camera's cannot be installed on LSU
  • LSU's - Application is not saving the camera's in the multiview
  • Detection panel unfinished motion area bug when autosaving
  • IO settings is not working well with autosave
  • HikVision DS-2CD8153F-E does not stream
  • In dual screen mode the app starts up half on second screen
  • [Linux] Overlay sometimes shows incorrectly
  • [Linux] No desktop icon after installing installable
  • Hikvision getLiveResolutions generates NPE on rec server
  • Client Crashes/closes in footage
  • Small layout: live view settings compression type dropdown is scrollable (it shouldn't)
  • Live view settings does not show codec choice which is selected in footage settings.
  • Client minimizes after opening on Macbook
  • Shouldn't be possible to select a date that is in the future
  • Text falls apart
  • Turn off light button doesn't work properly.
  • Exception in CameraList
  • "Save changes" request when no changes were made.
  • Cloning cameras is not working
  • Status Popup stays in screen when switching between tabs.
  • Turkish translations missing
  • Demo cam stays in live view after hiding demo cams
  • Previous Frame is not working
  • Dragging looks strange on mac
  • Empty sequence in liveview shows as connecting
  • Multiple location selected in general settings location list
  • New GUI: WARN SourceObjectId - equality requested for object that is neither SourceObjectId nor Integer.
  • Location info in Footage is not being updated
  • Location country dropdown box has non-fitting entries
  • IO settings block textfields are not editable
  • Settings tab is shown in subuser which should not
  • Switching between tabs make schedule multiply
  • [MAC] cannot fully expand the window
  • Bugs while adding camera group with invalid name
  • Sequences: changing the order of cameras is not autosaved
  • Class cast exception in groups
  • Java heap space on multiple switch between location and groups
  • "Save changes" dialog is not showing on client close
  • Dropdown boxes in liveview settings have scroll bar on bottom
  • Non-ipro camera: Changing recording video mode should restart camera
  • Java heap space on live view
  • Strange grey bar on camera schedule settings panel
  • Backlight for cameras in camera settings panel
  • Camera does not change its state on schedule save
  • Multiple items on schedule panel
  • Live view settings panel that doesnt load shouldnt trigger autosave
  • Exception while loading rotation information for DS-2CD8153F-E-PNP
  • When closing application triggers autosave, cancel does not cancel application closing
  • Save password is in English in Dutch login Installable Client


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