Release notes 13.3.0

The Cameramanager team is proud to bring you Cameramanager 13.3.0

New interface (

Enter the new era of Cameramanager with an all new user interface. The redesigned look and feel brings a whole new user experience to Cameramanager. 

The interface has been fully restyled and redesigned to make the interface more intuitive and user friendly. It is modern and simple, clearing away the clutter so that you can get your work done faster and get to your cameras or footage in an easier way.

To have a look at the new interface, login on and press the 'view beta' or 'open beta app' button. 

The new interface is still in a beta stage. This means that it is not fully complete yet and we are still working hard to make it better and more stable. For this reason, the old interface is still available. Give the new interface a try and make sure to let us know what you think!

For more information on the new interface, see Get a tour or browse the help center manual for specialized items on features in the interface.

SD Support
The SD card functionality can turn out to be quite useful in case of an internet outage. The camera can then still record all the way through, without you losing any camera footage. Using SD recording instead of cloud recording has more benefits: no bandwidth is used for the recordings, so the recordings can be done with more frames per second and a higher resolution than when standard cloud recording would be used.
Find more info and specifications on the SD card here.

Digital Video Recorder
The digital video recorder (or DVR in short) by Hikvision is now officially supported. To be specific, the 
DS-7204HFI-SH. Find more info on the use of the DVR here, or view the specificatins on

Export improvements
We have listened to our users, and one of the main issues reported, was the quality of the exported recordings. We have fully replaced the video handling engine in our backend, making the handling of video more robust. With these improvements, we do no longer support the export of .cmm, or .avi files. We recommend exporting in .mov, or in .mp4, which have improved in quality with the release of 13.3.0.


Upgrading to Cameramanager 13.3.0


Cameramanager is updated as an online service. All you have to do to make use of the new version is login again and start the application.

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