Release notes 14.4.4

This release (date 29 October 2014) was aimed at minor bug fixing and small improvements.

Key Summary Resolution
CM-285 [iOS] Add "Next" / "Send" functionality to the fields in the login screen for faster input Fixed
CM-548 Safety issue in new client Fixed
CM-429 Camera cannot be selected to play footage Fixed
CM-390 Delete recordings is not working Cannot Reproduce
CM-391 SD card not working properly Cannot Reproduce
CM-87 Not possible to export H264 file as mp4 (audio enabled) Fixed
CM-60 Investigate why only one push notification is received after opening the app Fixed
CM-56 Reverse playback stutters does not work smoothly Fixed
CM-40 Search on motion doesn't work correctly for a partner Incomplete
CM-560 When the footage slider is out of view, the tooltip gives the time of the mouse location. Fixed
CM-424 Exit fullscreen makes app very tiny on Mac Fixed
CM-406 Camera ID is not shown in deleted camera logs Fixed
CM-173 [MAC] whitelabel's dock's icon is lower resolution than OSx can handle Fixed
CM-174 After pnp camera does not reply, read time out can take 60s instead of 30s Fixed
CM-4 Playback time display selection buttons on the timeline show wrong time Fixed
CM-103 Saving superuser will give message that no camera and application rights have been granted Fixed
CM-102 In the login panel, the email textfield is too big and the exclamation icon does not work Fixed
CM-86 Deleting partially locked footage will create footage intervals in between gaps Fixed
CM-607 Java issue WZA Fixed
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