How can I add a camera to my account?

1. Connect the camera to the router. Connect the camera to your router by inserting the end of a Ethernet cable into the LAN/Ethernet port of the router (figure 1). Insert the other end of the cable into the LAN/Ethernet port of the camera.

2. Connect the camera to the mains. Connect the camera to the mains using the camera’s adapter.



Figure 1: Camera with two inputs: ethernet cable and AC.

3. Log in on If you are already logged in, please go directly to the fourth step. Otherwise, follow the steps in this article.

4. Download the application to your desktop. Follow the steps in this article to do so.

5. Add the camera to your account by clicking on the button ‘Add new camera’ at the bottom left corner. A pop-up window appears with the newly detected cameras in your network. Click on the auto-connect button to automatically connect a camera.


6. After connecting, you can change the name of the camera, as well as your admission password.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 15.08.07.png

Press ‘Finish and go live!’. Your camera is now added to your account.

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