How can I view my camera's images live?

In Live Viewer, you can view in real time what the camera is recording.  

The main screen of Live Viewer displays an overview of the cameras in your account, in the left-hand column. The right-hand field shows the live images from the selected cameras. To view a camera, drag the camera to the middle of the Live View. If Live View is set to ‘Single view’, you can view one camera in the viewer. Select 'Multi view' to view multiple cameras simultaneously.


Figure 1: Overview of the Live Viewer

After selecting a camera, functions are displayed to control the camera (figure 2). At the top left, you see the name of the opened camera, the number of frames per second that are being displayed and the bandwidth that the camera is currently using. You can control the camera using the arrows in the screen: move the camera up and down, left to right and zoom in and out. After opening a camera in Live View, you can also open presets and take snapshots of what the camera shows.


Figure 2: Controlling the camera in Live View

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