Release notes 15.1

With the latest release, dated January 15th 2015, Cameramanager offers new features, improvements and bug fixes within the Cameramanager desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The release includes:

  • New video analytics feature ‘Tripwire’ for the Cameramanager Cloud Camera (Panasonic K-EP104LW)
  • New feature ‘CLVR Lookup’ for the Cameramanager Cloud Camera (Panasonic K-EP104LW)
  • Submitting a support ticket via the desktop application
  • Setting your timezone within the desktop application
  • Automatic password generation
  • Bug fixes


With the new video analytics feature ‘Tripwire’, we further enhanced the CLVR technology of our application. With tripwires, users can draw lines in their camera image. When a person or object crosses the line, a notification will be send to the user. This feature is especially interesting in situations where people are free to walk past an area, but aren’t allowed to cross it. For example doors or hallways.


CLVR lookup

With CLVR lookup, available with the Cameramanager Cloud Camera, user can search for recordings based on motion detection in specified areas of interest. This makes looking up the recording you are looking for faster and more user friendly.

Simply enable the feature in the down right corner of the footage panel, draw a rectangle on the camera image and your recordings will be filtered to show only those that were recorded based on motion detection in the selected area.

Note: CLVR Lookup is only available for recordings made after the release of Version 15.1 on Thursday January 16th. 

Learn more about CLVR Lookup by viewing this short video!

Submit a support ticket

Users can now submit a support ticket, straight from the application. By clicking on the ‘Submit a ticket’ button on the menu bar, the users can fill in the support ticket and send it to our customer support.

Set a time zone

It is now possible to set the desired time zone for your user account. Go to user settings, then to the preferences tab and select your time zone.

Automatic password generation

When adding a new user it is now possible to generate a random password. This password is send to the user automatically and can be changed into a personal password by the new user himself. 

Bug Fixes






Database re-used connection



Mac Application 15.9 doesn't start up in Turkish if language is selected



Axis SD card recording stutters

Won't Fix


Unable to export video to .mp4 format and to .mov with audio



Audio is not being sent when mobile requests a recording



Footage resolution/fps changes back after showing preview



Footage does not continue playing with recording that just got added



When user opens recordings in obf CM app panel recording loading fails



The loading spinner in the interval recording list is sometimes not spinning and not disappearing



Tripwires are still called "Area Detection" in CLVR detection panel


Mobile apps

For the mobile apps small improvements are made. We updated the streaming quality control, improved the push settings handling, and made it possible to delete a camera from the iOS app. Other than that, we fixed many bugs to improve the stability and usability of the app.


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