Release notes 15.3


The goal of this release is to implement the following features:

  • Arm/Disarm
  • Human detection


With Arm/Disarm it is possible to quickly enable or disable your camera surveillance system from your phone, tablet or pc!

In order to do this we are replacing locations with zones. Each camera will now have a zone, which can be set in the following modes:

  • Armed - Live view, record, detect and notify
  • Silent - Live view, record and detect
  • Disarmed - Live view
  • Private - Nothing is possible, not even live viewing
  • Scheduled - The scheduling system you have been used to so far

Simply select the zone you wish to arm/disarm and select the desired mode!

This comes with a few changes in settings:

  • Scheduling is more intuitive: choose for which types of events you would like notifications and when
  • In the past a camera could operate without being part of a location, now a camera must be part of a zone.
  • Sub users can see the name of the zone cameras belong to, in the past the location name could be hidden.


Object vs Human detection

It is now possible to schedule object and human detection separately. With object detection you will be notified of all moving objects, whereas with human detection you will only be notified when a human enters your areas of interest.

Simply go to the schedule of your cloud camera and select when you want to be notified about objects or humans.

Don' t forget to set your area of interest in the detection settings for optimal notifications.


Bug fixes

Key Summary Resolution
CM-2493 Database error is displayed Duplicate
CM-2492 Wrong label displayed Fixed
CM-2437 Check if RPassword can be set to 0 in our code for Cloud Cameras Fixed
CM-2436 Check if RPassword can be set to 0 in our code for Cloud Cameras Fixed
CM-2434 Long zone name does not fade out before zone mode Fixed
CM-2251 Unable to see footage of SD camera on the mobile application. Fixed
CM-2248 List of recordings for newly added camera returns recording from before camera was added Duplicate
CM-2183 Event recorder service doesn't close correctly Fixed
CM-2159 Wrong icons and states in full screen Fixed
CM-2158 Event cooldown doen't take into the account event type Fixed
CM-2149 Axis cameras streaming problem Fixed
CM-2148 CLVR not analyzing when zone is set to silent Fixed
CM-2147 [iOS] Fixes in MobileConnection.set/getNotification api call Fixed
CM-2135 Wrong label displayed. Fixed
CM-2133 When adding a camera, zone selection panel is still interactive Fixed
CM-2120 Mode is not updated from subuser to superuser Fixed
CM-2117 The application crashes when cameras settings are selected. Cannot Reproduce
CM-2116 Preview is shown when Zone is in Private mode Fixed
CM-2113 Wrong message displayed when saving a new Zone Fixed
CM-2112 Wrong validation message displayed after a new zone is created. Fixed
CM-2111 Cameras option from settings is missing Fixed
CM-2110 Wrong label in the Zone section Fixed
CM-2109 Private mode not working when camera is just added Fixed
CM-2107 Wrong layout Cannot Reproduce
CM-2105 The bell icon is not displayed for the silent profile Fixed
CM-2104 The displayed option is Capitalized Fixed
CM-2102 Spelling mistake in schedule Fixed
CM-2101 Schedule is set to continuous and CLVR Fixed
CM-2093 High load on appy28 Fixed
CM-1943 changes to db file for CM-1450 needs to be corrected Fixed
CM-1941 Mobile can still view streams of cameras in private mode Fixed
CM-1936 List selection does not display properly Fixed
CM-1929 Logs contain no zone information Fixed
CM-1920 Repeated adding of new zone in wizard Fixed
CM-1918 Zone text in group view Fixed
CM-1916 Check if RPassword can be set to 0 in our code for Cloud Cameras Fixed
CM-1914 ReusableConnection error in NotificationScheduleCache Fixed
CM-1912 getZones always returns CUSTOM mode for every zone Fixed
CM-1906 Missing strings Fixed
CM-1902 Wrong default value for camera down/sd-card down notification settings Fixed
CM-1891 Mobile cannot turn off push notifications Fixed
CM-1884 It is possible to update a camera to a location belonging to a different user No change required
CM-1853 In selectable camera lists, there are buttons in the lists for "hide 0 cameras" Fixed
CM-1852 In camera selection lists, cameras have mouseover states but clicking them has no function Fixed
CM-1851 Arm/disarm Schedule mode collapse/fold out button not working in dialogs Fixed
CM-1850 Zone profile mode button in delete camera dialog freezes application Fixed
CM-1844 Can't change arm/disarm profile with the super user Fixed
CM-1842 Same previews are used for all cameras in live view Fixed
CM-1841 In new camera list look, show/hide cameras buttons not working properly Fixed
CM-1822 Humans not triggering an analytics event are still detected as human detected event Fixed
CM-1681 Pop up profile differs from the one from Confluence. Fixed
CM-1680 Incorrect layout if a profile has a longer name Fixed
CM-1673 The user can delete zones that have cameras. Fixed
CM-1669 Device keyboard is not closing after the zone was added Fixed
CM-1659 Locations tab in live view is not translated Fixed
CM-1657 List of events not indented properly Fixed
CM-1576 Multiple message dialogs when you try to delete a zone that has a camera Fixed
CM-1575 The zone contains invalid characters Fixed
CM-1573 Update language strings for zones with Marketing Fixed
CM-1568 Push notification names sent to phones are incorrect Fixed
CM-1516 camMan.shared.schedule.ScheduleTest Fixed
CM-1456 Watchdog does not update the network details for a service for which it already started a thread Fixed
CM-1443 Android 5 notification is blank Fixed
CM-1436 Adding camera on alpha will give it folderId 0 Fixed
CM-1334 Live view is shown when camera is already deleted Fixed
CM-1312 Unused log category have been found in the log settings section Fixed
CM-1309 iOS app shows recording from before camera was added No change required
CM-1299 Storage overview not working No change required



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