Release notes 15.6.0


This release adds add the possibility to exclude areas in you CLVR detections. Are you receiving notifications because of a moving tree or a television screen in your CLVR area? You can now add an exclusion area to ensure that this no longer happens!



Bug fixes


Key Summary Resolution
CM-3918 iPad layout bugs Fixed
CM-3892 Logs overview not showing Fixed
CM-3783 SD Disk intervals Fixed
CM-3767 Demo account not starting Fixed
CM-3660 Duplicate info in the Footage list Fixed
CM-3440 App crashes in General settings Fixed
CM-3247 The button is shown even though the user dosen't have the right to delete a zone Fixed
CM-3140 SD recording suggests it can do instant recording playback Cannot Reproduce
CM-2799 Server is blocked during startup Fixed
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