Release notes 15.3.10

CM-2161 Implement new general settings Fixed
CM-2527 Add influxDB to watchdog Fixed
CM-2528 Add RabbitMQ to watchdog Fixed
CM-2546 Plan and usage in daily digest should show "Ends" before the date Fixed
CM-2555 Add all event types to digest camera event list Fixed
CM-2878 Add human detection services to control service reportable Fixed
CM-2903 Update zendesk credentials for support ticket Fixed
CM-2775 Memory leak on video servers Fixed
CM-2144 App keeps stream open when user turns off screen Fixed
CM-2773 EventQueueProcessor stores events using event.unique_id that is not unique globally Fixed
CM-1892 No live view from WV-SF138 No change required
CM-2167 Unknown error displayed Duplicate
CM-2790 Video server calls getUser too often Fixed
CM-1405 Change user password dialog background grows when alt-tabbing Fixed
CM-1944 Search is not working Fixed
CM-2157 Wrong icons and text displayed Fixed
CM-2164 Cameras shows that is recording after the full screen-normal screen switch Fixed
CM-2165 [Android] Fixes in MobileConnection.set/getNotification api call Fixed
CM-2464 Error installing the bundled java for installable on windows Fixed
CM-2534 Wrong zone profiles Fixed
CM-2566 WV-SF138 not working within application Duplicate
CM-2567 Audio is no longer working Fixed
CM-2620 Event service cannot connect to running event recording service Fixed
CM-2691 Fixes regarding digest feature Fixed
CM-2696 SD Card recording not working Fixed
CM-2705 CLVR email notification no being received for 1 camera Fixed
CM-2709 Support ticket mobile application not working Fixed
CM-2746 Camera down notifications sent at high speed Cannot Reproduce
CM-2754 Erasmus java error and client not loading Fixed
CM-2770 Motion detection not working Won't Fix
CM-2789 Cluster watchdogs not sending emails No change required
CM-2848 restarting analytics service does not update analytics facts for cameras Fixed
CM-2885 HumanDetectionManager only distributes one job per second Fixed
CM-2887 iOS & Android do not show live footage of cameras Fixed
CM-2890 Control service says it is starting analytics for all cameras Fixed
CM-2891 Analytics service out of memory Fixed
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