Release notes 15.5.0


This release brings the dashboard to Cameramanager! The dashboard gives quick access to your zone's modes, gives a quick overview of the latest events and shows you the status of your cameras. Furthermore, we have added instant recording playback. You now no longer have to wait for a file to be fully recorded in order to play it back. 


Features in this version



The dashboard allows you to quickly change your zone's mode. If you are just opening the application to quickly set your zone's mode, you can quickly change the mode in the zones overview. Furthermore you can view your latest events and quickly play back the footage of these events. Finally there is also an overview of your cameras. With this you can quickly spot problems; are all your cameras recordings that should be recordings? Are all your cameras online? The cameras overview allows you to quickly view the cameras or, if they are offline, go to the settings page to check if everything is set up correctly.


Instant recording playback

With instant recording playback you can now immediately view your footage, just seconds after it has been recorded. You no longer have to wait for the recording to be finalized on the server in order to view it! This means that if you receive a notification that something is happening in your cameras image, you can now immediately view what happened!


Bug fixes


Key Summary Resolution
CM-3261 Unable to play local recording Fixed
CM-2689 Wrong message displayed when SD card is not detected. Fixed
CM-2582 The Export button functionality is not working Fixed
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