Release Notes 15.9.0


In this release we have:
  • decreased bandwidth which is needed for our CLVR analytics features.
  • made sure it's now clear your camera needs to be in recording mode in order to CLVR to function.
  • in case you have an LSU (Local Storage Unit); made it possible to see the live view and recordings of the camera oin our new application
  • done some bugfixes and small improvements
We now support 64-bit java! (We have dropped support for java 6 however) and our backend is now running on java 8, which brings more stability and security.

Features in this version

CM-5327 Push video stream to tracker  
CM-5326 Send additional frame tracking statistics to control service  
CM-5325 Track using video stream instead of snapshots  
CM-5320 Enable UPnP for Cloud cameras  
CM-4907 Implement java 7 support  
CM-4801 Use ExpiringCache for the objects with high usage + fix dead-lock situation  
CM-4643 Sub-users can not be created when mail service is down  
CM-4607 Add beta label to LSU zone  
CM-4590 Create PartnerModule that hides SD-card down notification settings  
CM-4586 Create PartnerModule that hides Camera down notification settings  
CM-4427 Disable FTP when not scheduled for recording on motion  
CM-4426 Control service changes  
CM-4425 Implement CLVREventProcessor  
CM-4424 Implement VideoDataProvider logic  
CM-4309 Implement PnP recovery  
CM-4093 Add label showing why settings are read only for LSU  
CM-4036 Fix warnings generated by Java 8 migration  
CM-3801 Add LSU and camera status to cameralist  
CM-3800 Restrict LSU cameras from being moved between zones  
CM-3799 Remove LSU zones from zone settings  


Bug fixes

KeySummary  Resolution
CM-5487 Installable desktop client does not clear saved password when uninstalling     Fixed
CM-5441 Added video server does not appear in cameralist until restart     Fixed
CM-5438 Unable to export recording with audio     Fixed
CM-5436 Changing heatmap style causes client to always ask to save changes     Fixed
CM-4827 doHumanDetection flag not working from control service to tracker     Fixed
CM-4826 Age and gender graph is missing from digest     Fixed
CM-4563 LSU detection popup with old client skin in new client     Fixed
CM-3821 Wrong logic while adding camera manually     Fixed
CM-3255 User preferences panel asks to save changes when none were made     Fixed
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