Release notes 15.10


Starting this week Panasonic Cameramanager has an important new update: SD-card fallback failover. Simply put: our hardware and software cooperate even better than before making sure no footage gets lost.


SD-card fallback failover
When streaming to the cloud you're really depending on a reliable internet connection. Of course some connections might not be as constant as they should be. In some cases the connection might fall out completely for some time and this is out of your hands.

To make sure all footage is kept safe and makes it to the cloud we added the SD-card fallback failover functionality. This feature makes sure that when a connection error occurs all footage is recorded on the SD-card in your cloud camera. When the connection is back the camera will stream all recorded footage to the cloud filling the blank spots of your timeline.


Your footage
When you go to the footage of a camera you'll find an icon on the left of the red timeline. Whilst hoovering over this icon you'll see which color indicates cloud footage and which color indicates SD-card footage.

When clicking the icon on the right of the timeline you'll get two timelines: a red one for the cloud footage and a grey one for all the footage recorder on the SD-card. In this example you can see all footage is already backed up in the cloud.

Hardware & Software
As you can see we are working hard on the seamless integration between hardware and software to make sure your footage and belongings are secured. 


Features in this version

  • Change Romanian name to Român in installer language selection
  • Improve directionality results for PC
  • Update Daily Digest with PCV2 graphs 
  • Show popup when turning on audio recording
  • Implement legal audio popup backend


Bug fixes

  • No Detection events on the panasonic K-EW114L
  • Fix camera validation when control service is restarted
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